Kristen Rudd lives in Cary, NC and has been homeschooling her children for over ten years.

She offers online and in-person high school Great Books and writing classes, private tutoring in various K-12 language arts instruction, writing and teaching workshops, and editing/proofreading services.

Kristen has previously taught online Lost Tools of Writing classes to middle school students. She taught literature, poetics, and grammar to elementary school students at Sola Gratia Classical Academy, where she currently teaches formal logic to high school students.

Kristen graduated from the Circe Institute Apprenticeship program in 2019 and is a Circe-certified master classical teacher.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism with a double minor in communication studies and religion studies from the University of North Texas.

An established writer, Kristen is a regular contributor to The Circe Institute, and her published work can also be found online at The Torrey Gazette, The Center for Lit, and Fathom Mag.

In her spare time (ha!), she writes fiction and poetry, lifts weights, eats tacos, and defends Dido, Queen of Carthage, to anyone who dares smack-talk her, may her memory be eternal.